Zhuang Nationality CD-ROM


The Zhuang Nationally is the largest minority in China. In their long history, the Zhuang people have developed their magnificent culture. Through movies, scripts and pictures and with advanced multimedia technology, this compact disc presents an overall picture of the beautiful landscapes of the Zhuang area, their long history and splendid culture, including their living habits and customs. At the same time it also shows the Zhuang people's nature-loving characteristics, their generosity and kind-heartedness, embodying the world trend of national unity, peace, development and prosperity.

This CD presents the living environment, national

origin, development, culture, customs and arts of the Zhuang people and it provides nearly 1,000 pictures, 45-minute video, 16-minute audio presentation, 11-band VR and many two-dimensional and tree-dimensional animated cartoons. It enables you to have an overall understanding of the Zhuang nationality.


Experts and researchers from Guangxi Zhuang Study Society, Guangxi Nationality Research Institute, Guangxi South East Asian Nationlity Research Institute, Guangxi Social Science Academy, Guangxi Museum and experts of Zhuang Studies from Beijing have participated in the collection, writing, revision and examination and approval of the materials of this disc. These materials include new findings and achievements of years' research in the study of the Zhuang Nationality.

The designs of the interface have the Zhuang brocade as their background and they are characterized by beautiful patterns and bright colors of the Zhuang people.

This CD provides functions of directory, bookmark, media material browse, search, history, mute/music, help, exit, current position, Chinese and English real time switch and return.

Eight categories of bronze drums are presented through three-dimensional interactive technology. The interior and outsize structures of the Ganlan buildings are presented by the use of virtual reality technology. Hypermedia and multimedia technologies are exploited to help the reader browse the material easily. It provides full text search.

Zhuang honor:

  • The Second National Electronic Publications Awards (the Chinese government awards and the highest award of electronic publications).
  • Top one in "China Cup'2001 on Multimedia Works?the first national multimedia-works competition.